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Frozen Flower

Frozen Flower depicts the complexity of the heart versus the mind. I’m a great fan of Korean movie, and express how emotions overweight our logic.

The story started how a young boy, sincerely offered his life for the young future King of Goryeo; from his deep admiration of the king they developed brotherly friendship, he grew-up in the Kingdom and became his student, most trusted ally, and later-on his better half.

People might look at the visual of Frozen Flower as provocative; but it show how simple trust develop to life-long commitment. A young word of honor, lead to experience love beyond his understanding and his control. Hong-Lim (Jo In Sung) is torned, between his obligation and what love should be.

His ultimate test of loyalty; lead him to his equal love rival, who sacrificed herself for the King (Joo Jin Mo) to secure domination of his kingdom; the Queen (Song Ji Hyo).

While Hong-Lim protected the King and secure his feelings; the strong character of the Queen protected the King’s image as the right leader. Her sacrifice, stabilize the kingdom from wrong perception of the people; keep the secrets between the walls of the palace as gossips; her greatest obligation, giving the King an heir ,showed that he loved the king more she love herself. She is willing to sacrifice here greatest gift to King, for the King’s plan of Goryeo’s future.

Showcasing of the love for the King, lead the two rivals (Hong-Lim and the Queen), reflected on their selves upon each other. They saw the loved they offered to the King, on each other. Their submission to the King request, revealed how they are willing to help him in his weakness, and secure his leadership for his people.

Three people bound by love, obligation and life commitment at the same level; made the Kingdom  Goryeo strong for sometime. The pressure from Yuan Kingdom, overwhelmed them and emotions over rule the three of them. The King’s decision became more bias than before. He knows the love he wanted from Hong Lim, but he can’t deny the sacrifice of the Queen waiting for her opportunity to prove her love and loyalty.

The King’s decision fall apart as a leader, when the two most important people of his life reflected his own confusion.

People might misinterpret the movie as sexually provocative. But for me it showcase the demands from a leader to pacify his own worries, secure the love that will keep him mentally healthy, and maintain the relationship that will help me perform his role better.

I see Frozen Flower as the heart human governed by evil influences. I can’t choose between Song Ji Hiyo Unnie and Jo In Sung character; about who loved the King (Joo Jin-Mo) more… But in the end it’s the Queen who endured the mistake of the man she trusted.

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The Voice of “Can’t You See”

Korean Pop Music, has it’s own beauty. Listening to it for five years, makes me appreciate the complementing voice of the artist, to the melody of the song.

Please listen to Son Dam Bi’s voice (Close your eyes, while listening).


One of my most love K-Pop song is Son Dam Bi’s Can’t You See, from her Queen’s album. The first time I heard it, it made me feel like I’m listening to a pleading break-up song of a woman.

It’s like, loving the her voice even before knowing her. I don’t understand the song lyrics, but every night I listen to her song, to end my busy office day calmly.

Artist behind the song: Son Dam Bi’s dance video

It lead me to download the song, watch her videos, and somehow watch her TV appearances. Her talent is made world wide through youtube and I-Tunes.

Son dam Bi Queen

The love for her, grew deeper to the point of researching, what does her song actually means. There are many translation in the internet, but as a fan I would like to interpret the song the way she meant it to be understood. Art appreciation; feeling the song; relating to the song; strengthen the bond between the artist and fan.

Unknowingly it made me, discover different aspect of her being; embracing her nation, culture, language, and their way of lyric writing. Artist are the best representation, of their county’s culture. Son Dam Bi did that with “Can’t You See.”

In the way of understanding the song in Hanguel; It needs to be translated into English language; before I truly relate to it as a Filipino. One pleading break-up song, lead to appreciate three languages, to convey sincere emotion of the artist. It felt like communicating to a distant friend, you’ve never meet but shared the same feeling.

I was challenge to find the song translation in English, but I was hoping that I can translate the song from English to Filipino without changing it’s meaning and intention. Hoping more people will love and support, Son Dam Bi and her team who made this song very much heart felt.

I Love K-Pop, my brother and I are fans of their culture; and hope we can visit their country again. Victory Korea!


Gising Na Puso

Gising na Puso tranlations

49 Days South Korea theme song, a drama series two ladies tied by fate. One hold sthe ability to control the body of the other in order to fix their lives. Discovering a deep mystery to their existence. Produced by SBS South Korea

Pure Love theme song ABS-CBN


Stories of Teddy

Teddy Bear is popular world-wide. The Term Teddy Bear was coined by Theodore Roosevelt, when he was hunting in the United States. In South Korea there is a different bear story.

Two creatures wanted to be transformed. A bear and a tiger, and a deity tested their determination. For one hundred days, they were asked to stay inside the cave. The bear withstand the trial. When the bear got out of the cave; the bear became a beautiful women.


Stories about the teddy bear differs in every country. It symbolizes comfort. The image of furry a big creature, automatically signifies warm-welcoming-hug. In the Philippines, three little bears are associated with Goldilocks; represents food comfort.

Children loves the idea of being love. I think Teddy Bear gives kids, that kind of assurance. When I was young, I had a Teddy Bear bought by parents from Divisoria or Ermita (I’m not sure).



There was an incident which I told a relative of mine; that once the little bears were taken from their mother; they’ll be lost forever. I don’t know from where I got this idea. Eventually the two bears sitting on Mother’s Bear lap, were difficult to sew back.

Later on, they were separated and lost, it dishearten me.

My father and I went to Ermita or Divisoria, to look for the exact bear. We didn’t find it. Years later, I had a chance to hug a life size bear with my sister. Both of us enjoyed being in the companies of cute bears.

I was heart-broken losing a stuff toy, but God lead to a Better Bear. A teddy bear that can’t be forgotten.

Teddy Bear So Kor