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Catching Beetles in Antique

How much fun can you get from the province? People from the city, find the provincial life boring. But during my stay at Antique; I met children who reminded me how much enjoyment we can get from simple things.

Salagubang Flying time : https://youtu.be/uXR3P9sL5Pk

Without  Sony Playstation or Wi-Fi, children at farmland find toys more interesting than on-line games. They rely-on their environment, react on it, and share with their siblings.


I met a boy who played with bugs. He wrap a string around the beetle’s wings, and run along the beetle as it flies. He and his younger brother take turns to catch these “Salagubang”  (Philippine Beetle) from a near-by tree. The older brother shook the tree’s branches from above, and the younger will catch the bug from below, or when it hits the ground.

With this simple activity, siblings get to together without much expenses. They enjoy physical exercise, like running and climbing trees, in a healthy and safe environment. The brotherhood is being build, as the younger brother rely-to his elder brother.

A strong reflection of Sibling-brotherhood-Filipino culture.


Piracy from Disc to On-line

My Sassy Girl made a hit in the Philippines through illegal distribution, around 2004 (not sure). The movie was pirated, and sold in the streets. People had a cheaper alternative to entertainment, and introduce a wide variety of content.

I was one of the pirated DVD consumers, during those time. The entertainment and happiness I get, from film didn’t cost much; because I didn’t have enough allowance to buy all the movies I wanted to watch.

But I know on-line video streaming was already available, I was watching music videos and uploaded shows in youtube.com. On-ground piracy and On-line videos streaming were available in Philippines; but the mass public had more access to On-ground piracy.

Downloading back then, was more convenient to music rip, conversion, and file sharing. I think movie files, require more storage capacity, faster connection to for web share.

Now that on-line connection, or the web was made accessible to the public (everyone in Philippines loves wife areas); on-ground piracy loss its patrons. Illegal disc selling eventually decreases.

I had a conversation with my younger brother, when I started this investigation;

I asked my younger brother to stop downloading, and getting free files the net.

I told him it’s stealing. My intelligent brother replied:

Younger Brother: “Paano mo nanakawin ang isang bagay na libre?”

Translation: “How can steal something that was given for free?

He didn’t understand; the business side of the entertainment, and distribution industry. Properly documented selling of content, makes the business operation running for the benefit of it’s employees. The profit is use to develop new strategy, to improve the organization, and widen the scope of business enterprise.

I remember, one question I asked myself (2010); during the time I was working for a film production company; “Kung hindi ninyo titigilan ang piracy or on-line downloading; papatayin ninyo ang industriyang pag-tratrabahunan ninyo sa kinabukasan”

Translation: “If you don’t stop illegal downloading, you’ll kill the industry you want to belong with in the future.”

It’s difficult to make people understand the concept of fair pricing; if they are battling for their right of information.

Hope the Optical Media Board can facilitate seminars to educate younger audience to be responsible viewers.


Training Parents

Amaziah Baptist Church is a small community church, that helps Biclatan residents to know faith in Christ. Members of this organization, aims to positively influence people. Church workers and volunteers held out-reach programs, prayer meetings, bible study, Sunday masses and fun activities.


One of the main goal of the active small group, is to help families. The church Pastor, Mr. Biboy Ramirez leads a parenting seminar. Teaching locals, how to handle family issues, time management, child development, and spiritual growth.


Last February 21, 2016, congregation invited speaker Mike Menez. He talked about his experience, how he disciplined his own children. He gave guiding manuals, to assist the attendees understand different behaviors. He explained, the necessity of spiritual growth for children.

The ministry who helped to make this event happen, were happy. Attending Mothers like the seminars. They gave-out food, drinks, coordinated with the school (the venue), and hoping they will join the Women’s group soon.

In this small act of kindness, people living in Biclatan community; help-out one another. They strengthen the “Bayanihan Spirit” with the intention, of spreading God’s word to govern our lives.



Cavite SSS, NBI Clearance & Phil Health

Robinson Dasmarinas offers civil service, by making government office available. The Cavite government strategically, put satellite office where mass public have access and convenience to get public documents.

There are NBI clearance, Social Security Service, Pag-Ibig Housing Loan, Phil Health, Postal Office, and Dasmarinas civilian aide center in Robinson Dasmarinas lower ground floor.


People starts to fall-in  line as early as 6:00 AM and as late 3:00 PM in the afternoon. In order to make your transaction easier you can do an on-line registration, and pay through LBC.

Here are the links for on-line Registration:

NBI Clearance

Phil. Health

Social Security Service

Pag-Ibig Housing Loan

Phil Health office is found along Governor’s Drive, along side the bridge going to Trece Martirez and an SSS office in San Letran along Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-way.

Cavitenoes are well taken care-off when it comes to public service.

Affogato House

The triple threat sweets found in a secret place near Robinson Gen. Trias, Cavite. I usually visited this place to unwind and relax, a slice of creamy cake and soda, helps me to settle my mind from all my worries.

In this place I can read, listen to music and talk to my father. We usually visit here, to converse about our problems, business plans and our lives. I spend my time here to think, and talk to the owners. Locals and foreigners feels at home this secret place.


It’s nice to have a place where you can enjoy a triple threat cake and be myself. I spend time here talking to a friend about her problems. It’s minutes away from home. It’s nice to know that privacy can achieve in a public restaurants.

Next time I visit here I’ll have pasta and a good morning breakfast with cookies.




Technology and Humans

SONY Corporation spend years, to make gadgets that last a lifetime. They continuously adopt, to the needs of their customers. The world love it’s brand name. They make things light and easy to use.

SONY inventors, uses technologically determinism responsibly, and for the advantage of it’s target consumers.

This brand established manufacturer integrity.  The Installer disc they provided can function, with different operating system. SONY made sure that their products, are fitted to the technological trend five or ten years ahead of it’s market release. Its worthy to buy SONY.
Our family trust SONY! We seriously consult certified technician to repair our gadgets. We take time to be familiar with the usage of Sony appliances. My father uses the manual to set-uo; my brother view youtube as a guide; and I uses the gadget, immediately and memorize the functions on my own.
As we discover the best features of each devicse we own. Sony Walkman has a voice recorder, that prolongs sound-recording more than 60 minute tape. The digital radio can be connected to mobile phone,  as alternative source of music file. Sony cybershot is the most handy video and picture recorder, our family own. While the Sony Bravia captures it’s audience with its brilliant colors.  It complements the natural movement of the eyes when viewing a movie.
People in SONY corporation know they market very well; consumers trusted the brand because they know what the consumer needs. Technology and people, emerge symbiotically with Sony devices.

How Many Trees Can You Count?

How many trees can you count?

” Trees are silent witness of our time, withstanding the storms and tragedy of life.”

Around fifteen years ago, we lived at Cainta, Rizal. The lot my parents bought there, had a tall tree in front (they called Puno ng Patay; the Wallowing Bottle Brush Tree). As people reprimand me from climbing that tree.

Translations: “Puno ng Patay” Tree of the Dead

It has dark trunk, the outer bark of the trunk looked like a wrinkled veins. The leaves of the tree has sharp edge, I remembered the times I played with it, I hurt myself several times if I hit myself accidentally. The contradicting thing about that tree, it has a bright red featherly flower.

Bottle Brush Tree is endemic to Australia. Wondering Why it's scattered 20 years ago in Cainta Rizal.
Bottle Brush Tree is endemic to Australia. Wondering Why it’s scattered 20 years ago in Cainta Rizal, Karangalan Village, Gate 1-2-3. You can find the tree I’m talking about in Kalusugan street, K-29. At the front of Amazing Grace Baptist Church. A welcoming church for everyone looking for Christ’s love.

The Weeping Willow Callistemon Citrinus. It’s weird just for an Austrailian tree to grow and planted mostly every small alley in Karangalan Village Gate 2. Cainta, Rizal. But it looks somehow like Grandmother Willow in Pocohontas (http://disney.wikia.com/wiki/Grandmother_Willow).

Maybe this is the reason I'm attached to the tree and it's bright Red flower.
Maybe this is the reason why I’m attached to the Willow Red Bottle brush tree.

During the rainy season, all it’s flowers bloomed. If you can picture out cherry blossom season in Japan; our tree of the dead has the same effect, it can make the entire street flood with bright featherly flowers. I know we lived at Cainta, but the colors, makes me think that I lived in a foreign country. I can remember our neighbors spend a lot of time, sweeping those featherly flowers once scattered on the ground.

It’s difficult to climbed, the trunk was slim but very strong; but the branches I can use to hold-on were ten-twelve feet above the ground. The only way I can get to the top and for it’s leaves, was to climbed on our third floor and reach-out for it’s leaves.

My arms’ length were short, people who see me do this  were afraid that I might loose my balance and fall. It never happened. It seems the tree was reaching back to me, with the help of the wind. I was just waiting for the right time for the wind to blew to my direction. This willow tree was always generous to give me it’s leaves and flowers to play with. It shield us,  the same goes to our Guava tree on the right side of our room with big windows.

It withstands storms, flood and Pinatubo’s eruption, the tree remained standing firm.

They never failed to remind me, (They said: Akyat ka ng akyat, Puno ng patay yan; akala ko tuloy cementeryo na naman yung bahay namin).

Translation:  You keep on climbing the tree of the dead. I thought we transferred in a neighborhood, which used to be a graveyard.

The height remained the same after twenty years. The funny thing about it, I never seen that tree anywhere else except in Karangalan Village Gate 2, Cainta Rizal. Only few trees survived, I think it’s only in our alley, that those trees remain standing.

The Guava tree that we planted, grew taller after some years. The Avocado seed, that I threw at front of our door, but inside out very small backyard, grew after some weeks. Later-on, I was asked to transfer my avocado tree somewhere else. I put it at the front our yard, a few steps, away from our electric meter post. Then few months  later it grew again uncontrollably; making the electric guy having the hard time, to squeeze himself in between the tree I planted, and our electric meter, as every month he reads our electric usage. They eventually have to cut it down.

It's a blessing to live in Gen. Trias Cavite. The place preserved he green scenery, and progressing city.
It’s a blessing to live in Gen. Trias Cavite. The place preserved the green scenery , while it progress into a city.

In General Trias, Cavite; we still have natural setting, in our neighborhood. When we first transferred here, my parents planted a fortune plant. This seems to be our unconscious family tradition. My Dad loves gardening, he grew-up with “Bongavilla” fence in Old Sta. Mesa Manila. While my mother lived in a farmer’s house filled with fruits and vegetables plants in Ipil-Ipil, Belsion, Antique.

The ree's name says it all. I'm not sure, maybe it's my Mommy and Daddy who planted it together.
The tree’s name says it all. I’m not sure, maybe it’s my Mommy and Daddy who planted it together.

Now that I’m twenty-nine years old; I got to fulfill this unconscious family tradition as gift to my future friends. It seems, that most sincere intentions, is the most difficult agenda to execute. It feels amazing to plant a tree for special people, and think of the day it will grow big, strong and full of life. It makes you feel, that those people whom you offer those trees embodies the same growth and the kind relationship we want from them.

I planted my own tree; picture. I will share the funny story of being a tree planter on my next blog.

Is it a cute bunny or charming puppy looking back, figure it out?
Is it a cute bunny or charming puppy looking back, figure it out?
Young and strong it will grow, for the future generation.
Young and strong it will grow, for the future generation. General Trias, Cavite