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The Voice of “Can’t You See”

Korean Pop Music, has it’s own beauty. Listening to it for five years, makes me appreciate the complementing voice of the artist, to the melody of the song.

Please listen to Son Dam Bi’s voice (Close your eyes, while listening).


One of my most love K-Pop song is Son Dam Bi’s Can’t You See, from her Queen’s album. The first time I heard it, it made me feel like I’m listening to a pleading break-up song of a woman.

It’s like, loving the her voice even before knowing her. I don’t understand the song lyrics, but every night I listen to her song, to end my busy office day calmly.

Artist behind the song: Son Dam Bi’s dance video

It lead me to download the song, watch her videos, and somehow watch her TV appearances. Her talent is made world wide through youtube and I-Tunes.

Son dam Bi Queen

The love for her, grew deeper to the point of researching, what does her song actually means. There are many translation in the internet, but as a fan I would like to interpret the song the way she meant it to be understood. Art appreciation; feeling the song; relating to the song; strengthen the bond between the artist and fan.

Unknowingly it made me, discover different aspect of her being; embracing her nation, culture, language, and their way of lyric writing. Artist are the best representation, of their county’s culture. Son Dam Bi did that with “Can’t You See.”

In the way of understanding the song in Hanguel; It needs to be translated into English language; before I truly relate to it as a Filipino. One pleading break-up song, lead to appreciate three languages, to convey sincere emotion of the artist. It felt like communicating to a distant friend, you’ve never meet but shared the same feeling.

I was challenge to find the song translation in English, but I was hoping that I can translate the song from English to Filipino without changing it’s meaning and intention. Hoping more people will love and support, Son Dam Bi and her team who made this song very much heart felt.

I Love K-Pop, my brother and I are fans of their culture; and hope we can visit their country again. Victory Korea!



Jollibee Memories

Every children in Philippines, has there own Jollibee story. I grow-up waiting for Jollibee Pasalubong, Jollibee Honor Reward, and Happy Birthday Celebration Jollibee.


We used to live in Cainta, and there is a Jollibee store at Sta. Lucia Mall. I have to wait for my parents, to come home around 9 to 10 PM hoping they’ll give me French fries or hamburger. It’s a Filipino sign of love; our parents have something for us, to be excited for meeting them again. It’s for children to know that their parents, was thinking about them the whole day. My mom have to save her own marienda to give it to us (My ate, me, and younger brother). The greatest part of it, we share French fries and hamburger together, as our midnight snack.

For thriving people who live in a tight budget like us, my parents opted to treat us every weekend if we have extra savings. It’s a reward for us.

Most Filipino people save, a portion of their  daily allowance, for one weekend eat-out at Jollibee.


My parents used a different positive reinforcement, I can have a Jollibee blow-out if I have a scholastic honor. It’s annual award for studying hard, and having good grades. At the early age of eight and up; I have an idea how the world works. Jollibee is the most satisfying reward for me and children of the 80s to 90s.

Lastly, the number one place to have fun and play with your friends; is in Jollibee playground. Running after Jollibee mascots, and playing games with them during your BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!  I wish to do this in the future.

After 20 years, I see Jollibee fast-food every where; and it reminds me how many unforgettable memories, I spent with Jollibee. So every day I see Jollibee smiles, he entices me to have a good meal with him, to remember how happy I am in his place.

So I started collecting Jollibee DATE challenge. Recreating Jollibee memories everywhere. But I always wanted to know who Jollibee is, do you know Jollibee?


*Pasalubong is a Filipino practice, bring home food for your love ones.

I’m thankful for my Mommy Virgie Bardullas Tumangday for the Jollibee pasalubong memories. I grew-up waiting for her pasalubong, she saved her pamasahe or marienda just to give me and  my ate a Jollibee pasalubong. This her way to make us feel that she is thinking about us all day long, she want us to know how much she misses us and love us. Yung kakain ng Mommy Virgie Bardullas Tumangday sa amin binibigay pag-uwi niya. She endured her hunger for hours and walk in the sun, just to make us happy knowing she remember us through-out a bad-tough day of being away from each other. I love Mommy Virgie Bardullas Tumangday and Jollibee!

Music Translation

Music is a universal language. It is enjoyed by everyone that connects with it. The musical arrangements, melody and rhythm, sooths the soul, unite people, and change your emotions in an instant. Lyrics makes the combination of the three expressed clearly and makes music easily understood.

Original Pilipino Music (O.P.M.) gained spotlight when “Anak” by Freddie Aguilar was translated into several foreign languages.

As a Filipino, who is proud of our music, I’m sharing OPM songs that will surely capture your attention. I did my best to translate it into English but I strongly believe you’ll like the sound of Filipino language, even if you don’t understand it at first.


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