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Catching Beetles in Antique

How much fun can you get from the province? People from the city, find the provincial life boring. But during my stay at Antique; I met children who reminded me how much enjoyment we can get from simple things.

Salagubang Flying time :

Without  Sony Playstation or Wi-Fi, children at farmland find toys more interesting than on-line games. They rely-on their environment, react on it, and share with their siblings.


I met a boy who played with bugs. He wrap a string around the beetle’s wings, and run along the beetle as it flies. He and his younger brother take turns to catch these “Salagubang”  (Philippine Beetle) from a near-by tree. The older brother shook the tree’s branches from above, and the younger will catch the bug from below, or when it hits the ground.

With this simple activity, siblings get to together without much expenses. They enjoy physical exercise, like running and climbing trees, in a healthy and safe environment. The brotherhood is being build, as the younger brother rely-to his elder brother.

A strong reflection of Sibling-brotherhood-Filipino culture.


Share a Book, Shape a Mind for Good

My sister told me a special place where I love to stay forever. She showed a mini-library in midst of Ayala Triangle.

She told me that people created this place, to share books for free. I was excited and thrilled to know if philanthropy exist for the less privilege. To my surprise, the organization of the bookstop shares knowledge, their greatest teachers, and their bestfriends for those who can’t afford to have a book collection.

I love the idea, that people donate books; and a young reader can have it for free. It’s like sharing your pre-owned books to others. What ever I read and learned from the book I donated, it will be a good use to those who find it interesting.

Making this community library interesting, they held events to keep people positively motivated. They provided venue for artist to showcase their poetry skills, listen to public discussion “WHY I AM DOING HERE?” and find love through Blind date.

Hope we have a more active community movers, who will guide youth and young professionals to express their emotions in an artistic way.

I find it difficult to share the books I owned, but I’m upto the the challenge.

I learn how to read when my sister shared her books to me. She taught me the happiness of sharing.


For more information visit:

Thank you for the organization who created the library http://www.wtadesignstudio

Jollibee Memories

Every children in Philippines, has there own Jollibee story. I grow-up waiting for Jollibee Pasalubong, Jollibee Honor Reward, and Happy Birthday Celebration Jollibee.


We used to live in Cainta, and there is a Jollibee store at Sta. Lucia Mall. I have to wait for my parents, to come home around 9 to 10 PM hoping they’ll give me French fries or hamburger. It’s a Filipino sign of love; our parents have something for us, to be excited for meeting them again. It’s for children to know that their parents, was thinking about them the whole day. My mom have to save her own marienda to give it to us (My ate, me, and younger brother). The greatest part of it, we share French fries and hamburger together, as our midnight snack.

For thriving people who live in a tight budget like us, my parents opted to treat us every weekend if we have extra savings. It’s a reward for us.

Most Filipino people save, a portion of their  daily allowance, for one weekend eat-out at Jollibee.


My parents used a different positive reinforcement, I can have a Jollibee blow-out if I have a scholastic honor. It’s annual award for studying hard, and having good grades. At the early age of eight and up; I have an idea how the world works. Jollibee is the most satisfying reward for me and children of the 80s to 90s.

Lastly, the number one place to have fun and play with your friends; is in Jollibee playground. Running after Jollibee mascots, and playing games with them during your BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!  I wish to do this in the future.

After 20 years, I see Jollibee fast-food every where; and it reminds me how many unforgettable memories, I spent with Jollibee. So every day I see Jollibee smiles, he entices me to have a good meal with him, to remember how happy I am in his place.

So I started collecting Jollibee DATE challenge. Recreating Jollibee memories everywhere. But I always wanted to know who Jollibee is, do you know Jollibee?


*Pasalubong is a Filipino practice, bring home food for your love ones.

I’m thankful for my Mommy Virgie Bardullas Tumangday for the Jollibee pasalubong memories. I grew-up waiting for her pasalubong, she saved her pamasahe or marienda just to give me and  my ate a Jollibee pasalubong. This her way to make us feel that she is thinking about us all day long, she want us to know how much she misses us and love us. Yung kakain ng Mommy Virgie Bardullas Tumangday sa amin binibigay pag-uwi niya. She endured her hunger for hours and walk in the sun, just to make us happy knowing she remember us through-out a bad-tough day of being away from each other. I love Mommy Virgie Bardullas Tumangday and Jollibee!

Training Parents

Amaziah Baptist Church is a small community church, that helps Biclatan residents to know faith in Christ. Members of this organization, aims to positively influence people. Church workers and volunteers held out-reach programs, prayer meetings, bible study, Sunday masses and fun activities.


One of the main goal of the active small group, is to help families. The church Pastor, Mr. Biboy Ramirez leads a parenting seminar. Teaching locals, how to handle family issues, time management, child development, and spiritual growth.


Last February 21, 2016, congregation invited speaker Mike Menez. He talked about his experience, how he disciplined his own children. He gave guiding manuals, to assist the attendees understand different behaviors. He explained, the necessity of spiritual growth for children.

The ministry who helped to make this event happen, were happy. Attending Mothers like the seminars. They gave-out food, drinks, coordinated with the school (the venue), and hoping they will join the Women’s group soon.

In this small act of kindness, people living in Biclatan community; help-out one another. They strengthen the “Bayanihan Spirit” with the intention, of spreading God’s word to govern our lives.



Cavite SSS, NBI Clearance & Phil Health

Robinson Dasmarinas offers civil service, by making government office available. The Cavite government strategically, put satellite office where mass public have access and convenience to get public documents.

There are NBI clearance, Social Security Service, Pag-Ibig Housing Loan, Phil Health, Postal Office, and Dasmarinas civilian aide center in Robinson Dasmarinas lower ground floor.


People starts to fall-in  line as early as 6:00 AM and as late 3:00 PM in the afternoon. In order to make your transaction easier you can do an on-line registration, and pay through LBC.

Here are the links for on-line Registration:

NBI Clearance

Phil. Health

Social Security Service

Pag-Ibig Housing Loan

Phil Health office is found along Governor’s Drive, along side the bridge going to Trece Martirez and an SSS office in San Letran along Emilio Aguinaldo Hi-way.

Cavitenoes are well taken care-off when it comes to public service.

Stories of Teddy

Teddy Bear is popular world-wide. The Term Teddy Bear was coined by Theodore Roosevelt, when he was hunting in the United States. In South Korea there is a different bear story.

Two creatures wanted to be transformed. A bear and a tiger, and a deity tested their determination. For one hundred days, they were asked to stay inside the cave. The bear withstand the trial. When the bear got out of the cave; the bear became a beautiful women.


Stories about the teddy bear differs in every country. It symbolizes comfort. The image of furry a big creature, automatically signifies warm-welcoming-hug. In the Philippines, three little bears are associated with Goldilocks; represents food comfort.

Children loves the idea of being love. I think Teddy Bear gives kids, that kind of assurance. When I was young, I had a Teddy Bear bought by parents from Divisoria or Ermita (I’m not sure).



There was an incident which I told a relative of mine; that once the little bears were taken from their mother; they’ll be lost forever. I don’t know from where I got this idea. Eventually the two bears sitting on Mother’s Bear lap, were difficult to sew back.

Later on, they were separated and lost, it dishearten me.

My father and I went to Ermita or Divisoria, to look for the exact bear. We didn’t find it. Years later, I had a chance to hug a life size bear with my sister. Both of us enjoyed being in the companies of cute bears.

I was heart-broken losing a stuff toy, but God lead to a Better Bear. A teddy bear that can’t be forgotten.

Teddy Bear So Kor


Guardian Demons

I have one older sister. When were kids we fought a lot, and reflect each other’s actions. We came to a point that we can’t be separated until we settle our differences; and understand each other better. People around thought we were weaklings. We won’t have a bright future.


We live our lives,so close together. We literally walk together holdings hands. Our closeness, mistook for something else. Every time I call her “Ate” the wrong notion about us, is clarified.

After three decades we suffer, grow and enjoyed life. We travelled together, taking different path and profession. Every now and then, we are blessed to have an opportunity to other countries and Japan; my sister and I met two demons (Oni) who have guarded and guided our future.


We went to this place, and I think for the first time in our adult lives, we want to get lost. We met this two beings. I curious and waved to both of them. My sister reprimanded me, without saying a word. For unknown reasons we want to take a good memory from this place.

What caught our attention is that the temple has fortune telling kiosk. We tried it. We are not afraid to make friends. I wave  “Hi” to one of the guardians, and gave the other a “High-Five.” The Fortune Note I had somehow manifested, after a year.

The exciting thing about the guardians’ note, is that my sister and I found our life mentor. They gave a great gift, finding someone we both been looking for, since we were two defenseless kids. It showed us, how to become a better sister or life partner to the people we love.

I like reading Chinese Proverbs, and believed in Philosopher’s words of wisdom. I took my note seriously, it lead to my life’s biggest revelation. My life mentor is some one who helped to become the person I’m supposed to be. After year we matured, because of what happened we look at life differently, now.


53860_157368954292520_4872405_o (1)
Photo taken 2009


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