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The Voice of “Can’t You See”

Korean Pop Music, has it’s own beauty. Listening to it for five years, makes me appreciate the complementing voice of the artist, to the melody of the song.

Please listen to Son Dam Bi’s voice (Close your eyes, while listening).


One of my most love K-Pop song is Son Dam Bi’s Can’t You See, from her Queen’s album. The first time I heard it, it made me feel like I’m listening to a pleading break-up song of a woman.

It’s like, loving the her voice even before knowing her. I don’t understand the song lyrics, but every night I listen to her song, to end my busy office day calmly.

Artist behind the song: Son Dam Bi’s dance video

It lead me to download the song, watch her videos, and somehow watch her TV appearances. Her talent is made world wide through youtube and I-Tunes.

Son dam Bi Queen

The love for her, grew deeper to the point of researching, what does her song actually means. There are many translation in the internet, but as a fan I would like to interpret the song the way she meant it to be understood. Art appreciation; feeling the song; relating to the song; strengthen the bond between the artist and fan.

Unknowingly it made me, discover different aspect of her being; embracing her nation, culture, language, and their way of lyric writing. Artist are the best representation, of their county’s culture. Son Dam Bi did that with “Can’t You See.”

In the way of understanding the song in Hanguel; It needs to be translated into English language; before I truly relate to it as a Filipino. One pleading break-up song, lead to appreciate three languages, to convey sincere emotion of the artist. It felt like communicating to a distant friend, you’ve never meet but shared the same feeling.

I was challenge to find the song translation in English, but I was hoping that I can translate the song from English to Filipino without changing it’s meaning and intention. Hoping more people will love and support, Son Dam Bi and her team who made this song very much heart felt.

I Love K-Pop, my brother and I are fans of their culture; and hope we can visit their country again. Victory Korea!



Gising Na Puso

Gising na Puso tranlations

49 Days South Korea theme song, a drama series two ladies tied by fate. One hold sthe ability to control the body of the other in order to fix their lives. Discovering a deep mystery to their existence. Produced by SBS South Korea

Pure Love theme song ABS-CBN


“For How Long”

Filipino music has expressive lyrics, enchanting melody, and vocal powerful singers.

The combination of the three, best express unconditional and sacrificial love

of the Filipino women to her husband.

One of the hypnotic song that makes you believe in the power of love, against everything is

Angeline Quinto “Hangang Kailan” OST of The Legal Wife. A TV series from ABS-CBN,

Directed by Rory Quintos, written by Henry Quintain and Jay Fernando. Legal Wife Website.

First Verse:

Time had change us,

Since the day, we became one,

We dance together, to the beating of your heart.

All night long, as years passed-by,

‘Till I woke-up on my own, dancing in our dreams all alone.

First Chorus:

As long as our memories exist, I’ll survive, all the pain and tears.

Time may go on, my love won’t stop, I’ll keep holding-on. Asking why we end-up wrong.

No one knows for how long… But my heart, will never cease.

Second Verse:

Time tested you and I,

When I promise you, to be mine.

Body and mind, move as one,

but your heart gave-up, and our souls collide.

I’m left counting all the years,

You and I built, with all our hopes and dreams.

Last Chorus:

As long as our memories exist.

I’ll survive, all the pain and tears.

Time may go on, but my love won’t stop.

I’ll keep holding on. Asking why we end-up wrong.

No one knows for how long…

But my heart, will never cease.

Believing, you still love me too,

My love will never last,

Against all your doubts, and fears.

The song, TV series and translation show how FIlipino Women endures for relationship.

We are worth for FOREVER MORE kind relationship. Watch the TV series by video in demand to see what I’m talking about.



Music Translation

Music is a universal language. It is enjoyed by everyone that connects with it. The musical arrangements, melody and rhythm, sooths the soul, unite people, and change your emotions in an instant. Lyrics makes the combination of the three expressed clearly and makes music easily understood.

Original Pilipino Music (O.P.M.) gained spotlight when “Anak” by Freddie Aguilar was translated into several foreign languages.

As a Filipino, who is proud of our music, I’m sharing OPM songs that will surely capture your attention. I did my best to translate it into English but I strongly believe you’ll like the sound of Filipino language, even if you don’t understand it at first.

Presentation1 presentation2

presentation3 presentation4

presentation5 presentation6


New Breed of Girl Power!

If guys are set to collect broken hearts, like trophy of self success

please bare in mind that girls can be deadly strong.

1. Lady Gaga “Bad Romance”

2. Beyonce “Irreplacable”

3. Fergie “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

4. Taylor Swift “Blank Space”

5. Katy Perry “Part of Me”

Women empowerment is more expressive in this generation.

Our heart break anthems, showcase our ability to heal and bounce back

from any emotional turmoil and inequality discrimination.

Hail to music predecessors of gender equality Madonna, Spice Girls and Cindy Lauper!

They are few of many artist, who uses their talent to inspire, encourage, and enlighten

people. When music uplift a soul, no amount of money can equate the postive feeling their shared. This is when music becomes more than a money-popularity industry, but a meaningful instrument to see the better side of life.