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Understanding movies. and knowing why we love to watch it all over again.

Innocent Steps: A Good Dying Movie

If you’ll die tomorrow what one romantic feel good film you’ll love to see? Being a fan of movies for more than 22 years, Innocent Steps (댄서의 순정 Daen-sei-eui Soon-jeong) is a good dying movie to watch.

The story, music, characters, romantic-comedy feeling will give a heavenly feeling after 110 minutes. Thankful to Show East for distributing this film to the South East Asian fans. The character of Moon Geun Young became Korea’s Cutest Little Sister.

A young girl travel from province to fulfill a dream, which she and her Older sister wanted to happen. In her journey, she met the man that will help overcome her trials and achieve her ultimate dream. Fortunately found love in a an usual man (Park Gun-hyung), who has a broken dream same as her .

Moon Guen Young cute character reflects every young girl eager to prove themselves. A young girl who will stop at nothing to battle all hindrances against her dream. This character is one of Moon Geun-Young claim to fame.

The MOVIE + MUSIC, adds to the satisfying feeling of Dongseng Relationship.

Director Park Young-hoon and Script Writer Park Gye-ok, excellently mix-up dance, gymnastic and love chemistry between Jang Chae-min and Na Young-sae.

Please see the link below for the music Video: For A Thousand Years – Innocent Steps

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Understanding Entertainment Mediums

“Understanding Entertainment Mediums”

Due to fast phase life style and gadget upgrade, technology made entertainment more convenient. Entertainment viewing now a days, depend on my Wi-Fi connectivity. The number of hours spent at home watching depends on free time; and the availability of contents, depend on audience’s capacity to pay; if it’s not within the budget, and there is an urgency to watch; piracy (DVD or On-Line) is an immediate resolution.

medium table

Among the six type of medium, two medium threatens the system of content distribution, Pirated DVD and On-line piracy. It attracts the paying market, to patronize contents for a  lesser price, having a lesser operational expense. They facilitate faster and wider than the other four medium.

Free TV audience has the greatest advantage when it comes to accessibility. The content selection depends on the network. The network decides for the people. The people follows, the time schedule designed by the network for them.

Cable TV gives subscribers more option. Foreign program line-up is available. Audience choose, to have foreign content through Television for additional fee.

Naked Weapon Legal


DVD is the most expensive medium, due to production, legal obligation, and distribution fees. Consumers are ensure that its content, is worth keeping for a long time. It can be used properly at the owner’s perusal, maintaining high quality entertainment. The price of personal ownership.

The same technology that made DVD accessible, is used to kill other business window. Pirated DVD and DVD file rip programs, made the content illegal distributed rampant.

Cinema/Film is the most complicated, and critical medium for entertainment content. It requires, an effective business process; specific venue to access it; quality equipment to make sure movie-goers expectations are immediately met; and great creativity to capture audience in the first 15minutes of the content.

If the film, entertained it’s viewers; it will open other business window. If the Film doesn’t work-out, possible loss of investment is expected. The audience has a very active role of out-right purchase of immediate content. The best promotional agent if the film is entertainingly effective.



Pirated DVD best option for audience, with limited budget but has a great entertainment want. The operators of this business window, avoid the Legal and Social responsibility. The protection of the consumers is not secured; The quality of the content, functionality of DVD didn’t went through proper process of critical examination.

Having different content is an advantage. If it’s illegal operated, content might negatively influence the audience into wrong thinking; like pornography or sadist thinking.

The Government or Private organization, aims to prevent this mental deterioration to happen, with the help of MTRCB, OMB and media/entertainment professionals.

While low quality DVD (Pirated DVD) cheats the consumers. If the disc they bought malfunctions, or won’t play in their DVD player; the entertainment they bought is not a good investment.

In the Philippines, a movie ticket cost Php. 200 pesos, and pirated DVD cost around Php. 60- 100 pesos. Piracy is more affordable for the greater low income earners.

Illegal operators also improved their scheme by providing BLU-RAY edition of pirated DVD, higher quality but a bit expensive compared to ordinary pirated disc.

16 in 1 movies Pirated


Soo 16 in1 movie and cable tv

The illegal operators continue to capture audience with uncontrollable entertainment need, through On-line piracy. Making the content more accessible to greater number of audience, less production cost of DVDs and more accessible operational distribution through internet access.

It’s like FREE TV through your PC or gadgets, with WORLD WIDE content; the audience is only paying for the connection. Pirated Korean Films are one of the most sellable entertainment.

A quality content will capture its audience regardless of it’s medium, if the story reflects the audience personal life, and creativily fictionalize it to promote good values , it will last a lifetime.
Example: Memoirs of a Geisha Book, movie and DVD.
                 Twilight Book Series to movie purchase.
                 Star Wars Films from VHS, VCD, DVD and possible Blu-Ray 
                 K-Pop from on-line piracy, to DVD purchase from Korea, going to K-pop concerts to loving Korean Culture.
                Naked Weapon: Foreign mature content, saw it in pirated DVD, VCD, DVD and watching it on Cignal Cable. Continue reading Understanding Entertainment Mediums

Frozen Flower

Frozen Flower depicts the complexity of the heart versus the mind. I’m a great fan of Korean movie, and express how emotions overweight our logic.

The story started how a young boy, sincerely offered his life for the young future King of Goryeo; from his deep admiration of the king they developed brotherly friendship, he grew-up in the Kingdom and became his student, most trusted ally, and later-on his better half.

People might look at the visual of Frozen Flower as provocative; but it show how simple trust develop to life-long commitment. A young word of honor, lead to experience love beyond his understanding and his control. Hong-Lim (Jo In Sung) is torned, between his obligation and what love should be.

His ultimate test of loyalty; lead him to his equal love rival, who sacrificed herself for the King (Joo Jin Mo) to secure domination of his kingdom; the Queen (Song Ji Hyo).

While Hong-Lim protected the King and secure his feelings; the strong character of the Queen protected the King’s image as the right leader. Her sacrifice, stabilize the kingdom from wrong perception of the people; keep the secrets between the walls of the palace as gossips; her greatest obligation, giving the King an heir ,showed that he loved the king more she love herself. She is willing to sacrifice here greatest gift to King, for the King’s plan of Goryeo’s future.

Showcasing of the love for the King, lead the two rivals (Hong-Lim and the Queen), reflected on their selves upon each other. They saw the loved they offered to the King, on each other. Their submission to the King request, revealed how they are willing to help him in his weakness, and secure his leadership for his people.

Three people bound by love, obligation and life commitment at the same level; made the Kingdom  Goryeo strong for sometime. The pressure from Yuan Kingdom, overwhelmed them and emotions over rule the three of them. The King’s decision became more bias than before. He knows the love he wanted from Hong Lim, but he can’t deny the sacrifice of the Queen waiting for her opportunity to prove her love and loyalty.

The King’s decision fall apart as a leader, when the two most important people of his life reflected his own confusion.

People might misinterpret the movie as sexually provocative. But for me it showcase the demands from a leader to pacify his own worries, secure the love that will keep him mentally healthy, and maintain the relationship that will help me perform his role better.

I see Frozen Flower as the heart human governed by evil influences. I can’t choose between Song Ji Hiyo Unnie and Jo In Sung character; about who loved the King (Joo Jin-Mo) more… But in the end it’s the Queen who endured the mistake of the man she trusted.

Watch Korean movies at Korean Culture Center, Taguig.

Mocking Jay Fever

Weeks after the theatrical release of “The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 2.” I saw a pirated DVD sold in the streets for only Php. 80.00. The average film ticket at SM Cinemas is Php. 120.00 excluding popcorn and drinks.

Pirated DVD of Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 2 Php. 80.00

As a practical consumer, I will choose the Pirated DVD and enjoy the convenience of owning it forever. This makes the film industry profit decline, since the technology transferred from VHS to disc. The rampant supplier of disc from the US, and other Asian countries, makes piracy business, wide and vast.

The Production company Lionsgate and Color Force; 37 distributor companies worldwide; knows how to counter piracy, in order to make the business running. And lengthen the profitability of the franchise, from books, to movies, other media platform, and then merchandise.

Here in the Philippines, distributor of “The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay part 2” invested on merchandise that can be use everyday. It use to flaunt their love for “Katniss”, and at the same time a wise promotion to different market-fan base of Suzanne Collins.

SM Dasmarinas Cavite: Odyssey


C-Interactive released, different version of Mocking Jay posters; attract paying market to purchase and to promote. SM produces toy tumblers; to promote the content to the younger audience. I saw Odyssey Dasmariňas post Revolution T-shirt, that carries a strong statement from the movie. This merchandise aims to pull DVD sales.

These are just few methods, to give paying market a premium to the content they love. If piracy offers affordability; legit distributor offers collectible merchandise.

This makes me look at the film industry, a game of Strategic Business Arts. I still believe that a good writer, producer and director can make a good content; but with the demands to sell in a third world country; business strategy is necessary.

It’s easy to say stop buying pirated DVD; but a true business minded people battle the situation not by bending the rules, but extending their business offers.

I was intrigued to buy the DVD version because of the T-shirt. The shirt was not available or sold-out at SM Dasmariňas branch; I have to go to SM Megamall for the love of REVOLUTION.

I found it there, the store staff said that all they have was size large. I hope medium size will be available in other stores, like Mall of Asia, Alabang Town Center and Malls in Makati.

“THE REVOLUTION IS ALL ABOUT US!” One strong statement made me, save money, search, study and invest. The power of film to influence the mind is undeniable.

Piracy Packaging Codes

I have started Piracy Investigation when I was working for a media company. It lead me to a conclusion that contents are more important than packaging. If people have the same entertainment satisfaction, packaging is deprioritize.

The idea of getting without responsibility, is debatable. I can afford to buy VCD, DVD, Blu-Ray and foreign original content. But I view contents in social media. Buy original Korean DVD concerts, despite the Youtube download option. During this times, I was investigating piracy these are my observations.


Philippine packaging is close to some pirated DVD. The black casing can be reproduced and distribute without receipt or legal taxes.


The thin can edition has a bar code, and free mini posters inside, the compact disc has burned part in the middle.


The DVD paper packaging for TV Korean series; has the ability to store up to 20 movies. There are similar codes found in its packaging. If we can trace the origin of these packaging sources (printing, assembling and distribution) we can resolve and save the Philippine movie and tv industry; by protecting its DVD franchise.

With the help of Optical Media Board Philippines, piracy can be solved.

Sana Maulit Muli

Sana Maulit Muli DVD
Sana Maulit Muli DVD


What if sacrificial love has no assurance? For a seem to be perfect couple, experience one of the greatest challenges in a relationship.

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“Sana Maulit Muli” (Again) is one of best movie that make us reflect, on how to have faith in our own make believe love story. The two main character, waited for the right time to be wed; but life get in a way and all of a sudden, all that went through was put into test. Distance made their feelings fade away, and made their communication difficult. Trials made them to be emotionally demanding, while they strive to overcome, their own problems in different situation.

The Male protagonist, tried to his best to fulfill his promise and struggle to keep the connection between them alive. While female protagonist, learns to fight her own battle, with very minimal support from her partner. This circumtances, made them question; if the love they have for each was, or still beneficial to have or continue. Love became a burden, for two people who promise never to be separated.

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They came to a point of giving-up, the male protagonist figured-out how important to have emotionally fulfilling partner. The female protagonist discover, that she can be an equitable partner by finding her own strength as an individual. The discovery of their beings, made them reflect about the kind of relationship they had, if change was necessary, or how to put thing back into order; when both of were changed or transformed by their separation.

“Sana Maulit Muli” will make you question, about the ability of your partners endurance of facing her own weaknesses; and if she or he survive will you be happy to acknowledge, that he or she is better off without me, or we are not meant to be.

“Growth of Friendship”

Friendship is tested through time and difficulty. In one lifetime, you’ll find few people that will help you through your life crisis. When life turns upside-down, whose friend you will go for help?

For Mike O’ Donnell, it’s his nerdy-geek, single-middle-aged buddy, Ned!

“17 Again” is a friendships story of Ned and Mike. The male-friendship-drama is the backbone of the entire movie. Bestfriends, went through middle age crisis. Two men helping one another, to achieve the life they deserve. Mike, going through family problem and divorce; while Ned is so comfortable living alone as a childish bachelor. Both of them went through transformation journey. After unexplained twist of fate, both of them are force to face their teenaged issues.

The Spirit Guide turn Mike into a 17 year old guy again. Ned is pulled into the situation, as a fake father to Mark (Mike’s younger alias); to have a second chance in life, and  reconnects to his children Maggie and Alex.

After three decades, high school became more complex and dangerous. The situation didn’t stop Mike and Ned, to overcome it, better the second time around.

Friendship drama test Male version:

  1. Perfect Ying Yang- Merlin Water Boy bestfriends, with Mike the Ace player.
Ned in Highschool
Ned in High school
Mike in High school
Mike in High school

We find people different they are from us, still we love them. They complements each other’s strength and weaknesses.

2.   It starts with “I got this for you” Protecting each other in times of troubles.

I got You I got you 2 I got you Adults

The act of saving a friend even before he falls. Preventing him from making a grave mistake. Mike was always there to defend Ned, when he was bullied in highschool. In their adulthood, Ned was Mark’s RUN-TO-GUY when he was facing divorce.

3. This is fashion! Bestfriends with different fashion sense!

fashion 1
Ashton VS Clay Aiken
Hottie 2
Hotttie Mark
peacock 2
Peacocking Ned!

          Let the visual explains. Being together makes you share years of fashion evolution.

4.  Love the way we eat. Eat all you can!

Love the way we eat I got you Adults

Mom said don’t talk when your mouth is full; but with your best friend it’s impossible not to talk.

5.  That’s weird, and I like it. Sleeping Spock Ned, shocked after seeing Mike transformed into 17 years old again.

Wierd Wierd2Fight Mike and Ned wierd

Friendship is about full acceptance of a person’s being! Even if it’s unexplainable.

6.     Fight for Love. Your bestfriend will defend you when you can’t speak for yourself.

Lawyer Bestfriend

“I am your lawyer Bestfriend”

Gift of friendship

  It’s our truest friend who will help us, when we have given-up everything.  Gift of Friendship, seeing each other’s happy ending.

7.    How guys break-up to make-up.

Mike and Ned grad pic
Ruined my date.
Slap me.
Sorry Hug
Sorry Hug.

“I hate you, but I’ll be with you. Love conflicts, makes the relationship stronger.”

8. It ends with “I’m here with you!” Ned found love, Mike had his family  back.

Yes! It's a date! He has a date! Hot date!

When we see our love ones successful and happy, it proves that we live a valuable life helping others..

Mike's Happy Ending