Innocent Steps: A Good Dying Movie

If you’ll die tomorrow what one romantic feel good film you’ll love to see? Being a fan of movies for more than 22 years, Innocent Steps (댄서의 순정 Daen-sei-eui Soon-jeong) is a good dying movie to watch.

The story, music, characters, romantic-comedy feeling will give a heavenly feeling after 110 minutes. Thankful to Show East for distributing this film to the South East Asian fans. The character of Moon Geun Young became Korea’s Cutest Little Sister.

A young girl travel from province to fulfill a dream, which she and her Older sister wanted to happen. In her journey, she met the man that will help overcome her trials and achieve her ultimate dream. Fortunately found love in a an usual man (Park Gun-hyung), who has a broken dream same as her .

Moon Guen Young cute character reflects every young girl eager to prove themselves. A young girl who will stop at nothing to battle all hindrances against her dream. This character is one of Moon Geun-Young claim to fame.

The MOVIE + MUSIC, adds to the satisfying feeling of Dongseng Relationship.

Director Park Young-hoon and Script Writer Park Gye-ok, excellently mix-up dance, gymnastic and love chemistry between Jang Chae-min and Na Young-sae.

Please see the link below for the music Video: For A Thousand Years – Innocent Steps

Visit Korean Culture Center for more Korean Movie


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