Catching Beetles in Antique

How much fun can you get from the province? People from the city, find the provincial life boring. But during my stay at Antique; I met children who reminded me how much enjoyment we can get from simple things.

Salagubang Flying time :

Without  Sony Playstation or Wi-Fi, children at farmland find toys more interesting than on-line games. They rely-on their environment, react on it, and share with their siblings.


I met a boy who played with bugs. He wrap a string around the beetle’s wings, and run along the beetle as it flies. He and his younger brother take turns to catch these “Salagubang”  (Philippine Beetle) from a near-by tree. The older brother shook the tree’s branches from above, and the younger will catch the bug from below, or when it hits the ground.

With this simple activity, siblings get to together without much expenses. They enjoy physical exercise, like running and climbing trees, in a healthy and safe environment. The brotherhood is being build, as the younger brother rely-to his elder brother.

A strong reflection of Sibling-brotherhood-Filipino culture.


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