Share a Book, Shape a Mind for Good

My sister told me a special place where I love to stay forever. She showed a mini-library in midst of Ayala Triangle.

She told me that people created this place, to share books for free. I was excited and thrilled to know if philanthropy exist for the less privilege. To my surprise, the organization of the bookstop shares knowledge, their greatest teachers, and their bestfriends for those who can’t afford to have a book collection.

I love the idea, that people donate books; and a young reader can have it for free. It’s like sharing your pre-owned books to others. What ever I read and learned from the book I donated, it will be a good use to those who find it interesting.

Making this community library interesting, they held events to keep people positively motivated. They provided venue for artist to showcase their poetry skills, listen to public discussion “WHY I AM DOING HERE?” and find love through Blind date.

Hope we have a more active community movers, who will guide youth and young professionals to express their emotions in an artistic way.

I find it difficult to share the books I owned, but I’m upto the the challenge.

I learn how to read when my sister shared her books to me. She taught me the happiness of sharing.


For more information visit:

Thank you for the organization who created the library http://www.wtadesignstudio


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