Frozen Flower

Frozen Flower depicts the complexity of the heart versus the mind. I’m a great fan of Korean movie, and express how emotions overweight our logic.

The story started how a young boy, sincerely offered his life for the young future King of Goryeo; from his deep admiration of the king they developed brotherly friendship, he grew-up in the Kingdom and became his student, most trusted ally, and later-on his better half.

People might look at the visual of Frozen Flower as provocative; but it show how simple trust develop to life-long commitment. A young word of honor, lead to experience love beyond his understanding and his control. Hong-Lim (Jo In Sung) is torned, between his obligation and what love should be.

His ultimate test of loyalty; lead him to his equal love rival, who sacrificed herself for the King (Joo Jin Mo) to secure domination of his kingdom; the Queen (Song Ji Hyo).

While Hong-Lim protected the King and secure his feelings; the strong character of the Queen protected the King’s image as the right leader. Her sacrifice, stabilize the kingdom from wrong perception of the people; keep the secrets between the walls of the palace as gossips; her greatest obligation, giving the King an heir ,showed that he loved the king more she love herself. She is willing to sacrifice here greatest gift to King, for the King’s plan of Goryeo’s future.

Showcasing of the love for the King, lead the two rivals (Hong-Lim and the Queen), reflected on their selves upon each other. They saw the loved they offered to the King, on each other. Their submission to the King request, revealed how they are willing to help him in his weakness, and secure his leadership for his people.

Three people bound by love, obligation and life commitment at the same level; made the Kingdom  Goryeo strong for sometime. The pressure from Yuan Kingdom, overwhelmed them and emotions over rule the three of them. The King’s decision became more bias than before. He knows the love he wanted from Hong Lim, but he can’t deny the sacrifice of the Queen waiting for her opportunity to prove her love and loyalty.

The King’s decision fall apart as a leader, when the two most important people of his life reflected his own confusion.

People might misinterpret the movie as sexually provocative. But for me it showcase the demands from a leader to pacify his own worries, secure the love that will keep him mentally healthy, and maintain the relationship that will help me perform his role better.

I see Frozen Flower as the heart human governed by evil influences. I can’t choose between Song Ji Hiyo Unnie and Jo In Sung character; about who loved the King (Joo Jin-Mo) more… But in the end it’s the Queen who endured the mistake of the man she trusted.

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