Memoirs of A Geisha

“It may seem odd, but when I realized that the shape of my own face was surprise to me, I had the sudden insight that nothing in life is ever as simple as we imagine.”

Page 310

A woman’s transformation starts when she found her purpose. A little girl name “Chiyo” who was sold, to be a servant girl but strive to become the most memorable artisan of her time. She wanted to be a Geisha, it became her life purpose.

After reading Memoirs of A Geisha, I empathize with the main character. The little girl “Chiyo” wanted to escape her present situation. Then she met a senior gentleman, whom she shared her dreams with, over snow cone conversation. After their talk Chiyo (Suzuka Ohgo) became more determine to accomplish her journey, inspired to meet the gentleman again as a well-known Giesha.

The life of Geisha looked so extravagant, but as “Chiyo” underwent training; she realized that such beauty has a fair share of sacrifices. Her days where filled with lesson and practices. She started late compared to other young trainees called “maiko” mentored by one of the most celebrated Geisha of Gion Mameha  (Michelle Yeoh). Until she gave birth to her new persona “Sayuri” (Zhang Ziyi).

Sayuri face more challenging situation, that tested her character as woman. She never gave-up on her dream to meet the Chairman again. But her mentor assigned her to be with the Chairman’s bestfriend “Nobu-San” (Koji Yakusho). As if fate was playing trick on her, she was so close to the Chairman, but a great barrier hinder them to be together. Sayuri accepted her situation, without knowing that Chairman (Ken Watabe) also cares for her.

The chairman was looking after the little girl she met in the bridge, as she transformed to the person she wants to be.

We offer our lives to fulfill the goal we set for ourselves. For a Geisha, to pacify men from their worries as their companions; through arts of dancing, singing, and good conversation; to the point that can’t help but to fall for their charms and the bad side of Geisha culture was abuse.

When I was in college our Film Professor assigned us to watch “Memoirs of A Geisha” released by Sony Pictures. I bought the book and read it, and watch the movie in SM Dasmarinas and bought Special Edition  DVD at the same mall. I treasure Sayuri and Mameha’s story.



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