On-Line Piracy

A recent film was considered a box-office hit in the Philippines. People supported it, and the news about its success, spread like wildfire. Few weeks later, even its still showing in theaters, I found-out that it is already given free in torrent.

For middle-class audience, free-download cut their entertainment expense in half. They just have to pay for the electricity and internet usage to enjoy free movie.

Camcorded from cinema, but Samsung mobile made the picture more clear.
Note: Picture was taken by Samsung Mobile Photo. TV Sony picture quality.

Other people who wants to take advantage of file sharing, sells the content through illegal distribution or illegal up-loads. Storing the content in disc, and let it be sold on-ground. This makes film industry operation more expensive, to recoup their losses in piracy.


I have a fair share of guilt, cause I’m one of the middle-class earners who rely on file sharing; specially if the content is worth watching. This practice can justify file download; but when I experience business profit loss, because of piracy, my perception about file sharing changes.

There was a time when I was asked, by my Immediate Supervisor to lower the production cost, and lessen the fee of our Producer to save more. I find it hard to explain it to our Producer, because I knew that sales of DVD decreased. We have to adjust the budget at the expense of our employee. From then on, I invested on DVD, CD and album that are worthy to be in my collection.

Employees of media company tighten their belt, to save their production budget. They lower the people’s salary to ensure that their business operations are legal, and satisfied the qualification of government and other business sectors.

I enjoyed listening to music. I download music and later-on buy CD if I have enough money. I asked my brother to share the movies he downloaded; movies that we also watched in cinemas (not all), planned to purchase in DVD or BLU-RAY.


To defend the consumers side, anybody who likes a certain art will definitely buy to support the artist, who are making films, music and other art forms.

But these people are responsible consumers, once I get satisfied with your content I make sure you get what you deserve. It will take time, for the public not to abuse  “FREE.”


On the business side of things; I hope people in the art industry, will also consider their market’s capacity to pay. Charging too much, will make your clients  support piracy. Entertainment is not priority in the Philippines. It’s an escape from our reality

My advocacy, save to have your own copy.

If a friend is willing to share her love for music or film, I hope we spread the love for this art in the right way. Join forums for feed-backs, write blogs, or go to concerts, and events that will make the artist and content makers get what they deserve..






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