Training Parents

Amaziah Baptist Church is a small community church, that helps Biclatan residents to know faith in Christ. Members of this organization, aims to positively influence people. Church workers and volunteers held out-reach programs, prayer meetings, bible study, Sunday masses and fun activities.


One of the main goal of the active small group, is to help families. The church Pastor, Mr. Biboy Ramirez leads a parenting seminar. Teaching locals, how to handle family issues, time management, child development, and spiritual growth.


Last February 21, 2016, congregation invited speaker Mike Menez. He talked about his experience, how he disciplined his own children. He gave guiding manuals, to assist the attendees understand different behaviors. He explained, the necessity of spiritual growth for children.

The ministry who helped to make this event happen, were happy. Attending Mothers like the seminars. They gave-out food, drinks, coordinated with the school (the venue), and hoping they will join the Women’s group soon.

In this small act of kindness, people living in Biclatan community; help-out one another. They strengthen the “Bayanihan Spirit” with the intention, of spreading God’s word to govern our lives.




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