Today I saw children playing a familiar game, that was so popular in the 1990s. POG game in the Philippines was distributed through Coke Coca-Cola Philippines. Once you drink 1 litro bottle of soda, we get a chance to win three pieces of POGs.

Slam 2

We have to check under the crown (we call it “Tanzan”),to see if the drinker won, or have to try again.

The picture in POG Philippines, looks like a caveman eating corn while watching TV. He has different funny antics, while drinking Coca-Cola.


There was an urban legend about POG that spread, when I was in Manila. POG was a person trapped for some years, and when he went out; the world was different from the time he was captured.

He adjusted to the new society. I want to believe that drinking Coca-Cola made him feel refresh and happy. He belongs to the society if he drinks Coke Coca-Cola.


Today children plays the same thing, but with different characters. I hope Coke Coca-cola Philippines will re-print POG Philippine edition. I have a slammer when I was young, and I think their was American version of POG. Every children carry it around and play it like text (card game).

It’s glad to know that this game is internationally well-known and it’s alive until now.

POGs Coke-Cola Philippines, EDSA Holiday!



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