Heart of Women

Each women are gifted with character, talent and grace. Darlene Sala biblically, reflects how the society around them shaped their identity and role in the family, environment and to the world.

Women are facing difficult challenges today. The demand to multi-task, handle pressure, endure struggles and creatively manage to perform what is expected from them. The ability to absorb all emotions and still move in grace and calmness, enduring the tension inside. Maintain a dynamic relationship and still be hopeful of situation.


My Older Sister’s book given to her, by one of our church member.

Prayer Warrior is a women who seeks God’s guidance before anything else goes and before all hell break loose. The source of her strength, is not knowing but believing that someone more powerful is in control. The dependence of faith magnifies her ability to remain still in midst of the storm.

The term Iron Lady are derive from women who are not afraid to go against crowd. Speak their mind despite opposition, battling head strong each detractors with and charms. Women politicians with conviction uphold this charm. Convert their enemies into friends, by being logical and pushing common goal. The ability to remain compose and just, in the realms of political arena.


Tiger Mom are label from Chinese moms, who dares to push their children to be their best. The animal characters, reflects love in tension same as foot binding process; allowing your daughter go through pain for the rite of passage. It not repelling emotions, but accepting it enduring it inside still go on with life.

Comforting guide, women that stands behind and wait for the time when caring is needed. Positioning when love is most needed. They empathize with gentle touch and words, to encourage the sadness felt by their love ones.

Darlene Sla wrote this book in the memory of his Dad Guy P. Duffield. The person who introduced God’s words to her.


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