Hamburger Country

The Philippines patronize American food. One particular sandwich originated from Hamburg, evolve into seven most common burgers enjoyed by Filipinos every day.

  1. Balut Burger – Own creation
  2. Tofu Glazed Burger- Own Creation
  3. Tofu Vegetable Burger – Own Creation
  4. Chicken Burger from Manang’s Chicken
  5. Yum Burger from Jollibee
  6. Cheese Bacon Burger from Wendy’s
  7. Chinese Hamburger -Siopao from 711

Each burger has a particular taste, Balut burger is made from chicken embryo mixed with flavoring and egg to become a salty burger.

Tofu Glazed burger is healthy, season with spicy and sweetener from cooked ham. It improves the outer layer taste of the tofu, while offering a protein base meal inside.

Tofu Vegetable burger is a mixture, of diced tofu, vegetable and corn starch. It makes the burger bigger. The idea came form Kimchi pan-cake from Invincible Youth or South Korean variety show. You add vegetables to make it more appetizing to nibble.

Chicken Burger from Manang’s Chicken, is the biggest burger that can fill-up you hunger, any time and anywhere. Tenderized chicken meat makes it chewable, and cost efficient because you can divide it into two or three meals.

Jollibee Yum Burger is the Filipino most popular burger, a snack burger that completely represent the taste of the Philippines. The burger patty and cheese, combined with special mayonnaise cup in a bun; makes every child crave for more.

Cheese Bacon Burger, is adopted from the fast food franchise Wendy’s. The saltiness can compare  with Balut or Tofu vegetable burger. But the size for one meal is the same with Manang Chicken’s burger. The American taste we all fell in-love with.

20150925_172439Manang Chicken Burger “Heaveygat sa Isang kagat”

Chinese Burger is the most affordable and most convenient to buy. You can find it from any 711 store, and enjoy one meal in a cool international spot. The sauce of Siopao, adds to meaty taste inside; the bum complements’ the sauce.

If you are visiting Philippines hope you can taste these seven burgers. Enjoy the world of hamburger in our country.



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