Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil

Playing Resident Evil sounds scary but for me, it started as a challenge. My Father bought from the U.S. from his allowance savings. sent him there, but he saved his laundry and meal allowance to buy me a gift because I was an honor student.

When he came back, I was reprimand not to play it. But when he was having difficulty I was the one who volunteered to finish it for him. I did, but now without the support of my younger brother who hides and peak through his covered face every time I tried to over come. the threat of “YOU DIE!”

My Ate (Older sister in Philippines) tried to play the game, I think we even share files in memory card in order to advance the scenarios. We won when discovered multi-player options that affects the other player, unlock hunk and finish the game without health spray.

Sony Drive the market
The game became a family favorite, that we shared it to our cousins. They where challenge to, and used our existing files to start the game any where we left-off. That excitement went to fan mania. I bought NEMESIS for PC, my brother continued to become a game fan too. We supported the movie franchise. and collected the DVD.


We believe in Surviving together, I’m thankful for my Ate and younger brother who I can relay too when I needed help.


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