Stories of Teddy

Teddy Bear is popular world-wide. The Term Teddy Bear was coined by Theodore Roosevelt, when he was hunting in the United States. In South Korea there is a different bear story.

Two creatures wanted to be transformed. A bear and a tiger, and a deity tested their determination. For one hundred days, they were asked to stay inside the cave. The bear withstand the trial. When the bear got out of the cave; the bear became a beautiful women.


Stories about the teddy bear differs in every country. It symbolizes comfort. The image of furry a big creature, automatically signifies warm-welcoming-hug. In the Philippines, three little bears are associated with Goldilocks; represents food comfort.

Children loves the idea of being love. I think Teddy Bear gives kids, that kind of assurance. When I was young, I had a Teddy Bear bought by parents from Divisoria or Ermita (I’m not sure).



There was an incident which I told a relative of mine; that once the little bears were taken from their mother; they’ll be lost forever. I don’t know from where I got this idea. Eventually the two bears sitting on Mother’s Bear lap, were difficult to sew back.

Later on, they were separated and lost, it dishearten me.

My father and I went to Ermita or Divisoria, to look for the exact bear. We didn’t find it. Years later, I had a chance to hug a life size bear with my sister. Both of us enjoyed being in the companies of cute bears.

I was heart-broken losing a stuff toy, but God lead to a Better Bear. A teddy bear that can’t be forgotten.

Teddy Bear So Kor



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