Guardian Demons

I have one older sister. When were kids we fought a lot, and reflect each other’s actions. We came to a point that we can’t be separated until we settle our differences; and understand each other better. People around thought we were weaklings. We won’t have a bright future.


We live our lives,so close together. We literally walk together holdings hands. Our closeness, mistook for something else. Every time I call her “Ate” the wrong notion about us, is clarified.

After three decades we suffer, grow and enjoyed life. We travelled together, taking different path and profession. Every now and then, we are blessed to have an opportunity to other countries and Japan; my sister and I met two demons (Oni) who have guarded and guided our future.


We went to this place, and I think for the first time in our adult lives, we want to get lost. We met this two beings. I curious and waved to both of them. My sister reprimanded me, without saying a word. For unknown reasons we want to take a good memory from this place.

What caught our attention is that the temple has fortune telling kiosk. We tried it. We are not afraid to make friends. I wave  “Hi” to one of the guardians, and gave the other a “High-Five.” The Fortune Note I had somehow manifested, after a year.

The exciting thing about the guardians’ note, is that my sister and I found our life mentor. They gave a great gift, finding someone we both been looking for, since we were two defenseless kids. It showed us, how to become a better sister or life partner to the people we love.

I like reading Chinese Proverbs, and believed in Philosopher’s words of wisdom. I took my note seriously, it lead to my life’s biggest revelation. My life mentor is some one who helped to become the person I’m supposed to be. After year we matured, because of what happened we look at life differently, now.


53860_157368954292520_4872405_o (1)
Photo taken 2009


ガーディアン ありがとうございます!





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