Santa Everywhere

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Today, we visited SM Mall of Asia. Giving my grandmother a Lola shopping day experience. In the midst of Christmas rush, our family knows how she wanted to go out, unwind and be with the crowd. It was difficult to move around, and consider each other’s movements as we shop in the department store; we manage to stay together swimming across oceans of people. Lola enjoyed her shopping day comfortably! I was transported into a a new world, where childhood dreams comes alive.

When I thought that this will be Lola’s day, I was surprise to see myself excited, and happy seeing Little Santas welcoming all patrons of SM MOA. I have visited the place several times for this past months. Today I have the courage express my fascination about Santa Claus.

He is one of the most celebrated person, during Christmas season. When I was a child, I never saw him; only in television and movies. My grandmother’s sister, I call her Lola Estang; keeps us believing that Santa Claus is alive and urges to hang socks on windows; in order receive treats for midnight celebration.

My Lola Estang, didn’t have stable source of income but she did her very best to give us small gifts of candies and chips. We (My ate and younger brother) knew she was the one who has been giving us, keeping our childhood beliefs alive.

Tonight, I was caught by SM MOA Christmas concept, of Santa everywhere. The generous saint that hides in the night to give blessings back to the people, is seen and loved by Filipinos in SM MOA. I think Little Santa One to fifteen has more fans club.

I wish I could count all the Little Santas in SM MOA; making children believe that Christmas is about the generosity of God giving his only son to us; Jesus Christ.

The spirit of giving, was kept alive by Christ, Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus, My Lola Estang and our loved ones.

Join SM Mall of Asia activity Write a Letter to Santa. Kindly ask Mommy and Daddy to register you and wait for Santa’s reply.

Eat Chickenjoy and have a wishbone all your sincere wish and good intention will be blessed by God!

Write a letter to Santas



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