“Family Dynamics of Five People”

Thirty years of being in a dynamic family, makes me realizes the personal growth that happened in each family member, and as a one unit.

 As I reflect my younger years with my sibling, I noticed how our attitude and character develop. How we imitate our parents, discover our own strength and weakness, and be confident of who we become after the age of 30.

Strong five-fun people, destined to be together as they travelled the so called life.
Strong five-fun people, destined to be together as they travelled the so called life.

 Ate with a strong heart- Older sister, who transformed from a physically weak person, into a women with a strong heart. The lesson I wished to learn from her, is how she mastered to control her emotions quietly. We been through different situation, and between the two us, she remained in control and silently enduring.

 She learned to improve her imperfections, and used her talent and skill for her advantage. She’s changed herself from a timid girl into a confident lady. I’m so proud to see her change positively.

 The younger brother- Having a younger brother, made any family relationship turn upside-down. It’s a great challenged to hone a young boy’s perspective, transform it godly thinking. The sibling rivalry between sister and brother, present realistic fair competition between male and female.

 It’s complicated to keep a younger sibling inspired and challenged, love but not tolerate, and lastly keep them optimistic despite negative situation. Males are born leader; my brother’s training from us and our parents, makes him weigh his heart and his logic in perfect balance.

Jealous Middle child- Statistic says the middle child are playful and loving, competitive and just; having a contrite heart makes me a drama queens. Becoming a second best, and a step closer to being a favorite is one source of my competitiveness.

 This made me over confident, to have younger sibling to boss around; but scared that my actions are might affect him. As he grow older, our sibling dynamics changes depending on the situation, but our main family happy together.

My brother and I are six a part, it’s just right gap to establish authority over him, and mature enough to give him advice in his journey. It a Leigh way, for him to reflect on our personal growth as he thinks for his own. He has many inspiration, to look up to.

 Our Mother- Discovering that me and sisters, is my mother’s ying-yang. As my sister and I grow-up, we inherited my mother best qualities, but separated into two beings. As we aged, all the more we manifest our mother’s heart. Our challenge, is to become better by setting our mother’s life as an example of a godly women.

 Our father- The pillar of our strength and protector. His leadership, through thirty years of family turmoil, happiness and goals; set us to acknowledge our true being. It a great challenge for him, to take control of everything, think of our future, and keep the family together as long as he lives.

 As we grew-up, we challenged his authority; not to break the family apart but to improve. This is the greatest trial of having five strong members. He likes it, it cause him suffering but it always keep him actively challenge. It’s father’s goal to prioritize his family as we journey in life.

Happy Together!
Happy Together!




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