“Growth of Friendship”

Friendship is tested through time and difficulty. In one lifetime, you’ll find few people that will help you through your life crisis. When life turns upside-down, whose friend you will go for help?

For Mike O’ Donnell, it’s his nerdy-geek, single-middle-aged buddy, Ned!

“17 Again” is a friendships story of Ned and Mike. The male-friendship-drama is the backbone of the entire movie. Bestfriends, went through middle age crisis. Two men helping one another, to achieve the life they deserve. Mike, going through family problem and divorce; while Ned is so comfortable living alone as a childish bachelor. Both of them went through transformation journey. After unexplained twist of fate, both of them are force to face their teenaged issues.

The Spirit Guide turn Mike into a 17 year old guy again. Ned is pulled into the situation, as a fake father to Mark (Mike’s younger alias); to have a second chance in life, and  reconnects to his children Maggie and Alex.

After three decades, high school became more complex and dangerous. The situation didn’t stop Mike and Ned, to overcome it, better the second time around.

Friendship drama test Male version:

  1. Perfect Ying Yang- Merlin Water Boy bestfriends, with Mike the Ace player.
Ned in Highschool
Ned in High school
Mike in High school
Mike in High school

We find people different they are from us, still we love them. They complements each other’s strength and weaknesses.

2.   It starts with “I got this for you” Protecting each other in times of troubles.

I got You I got you 2 I got you Adults

The act of saving a friend even before he falls. Preventing him from making a grave mistake. Mike was always there to defend Ned, when he was bullied in highschool. In their adulthood, Ned was Mark’s RUN-TO-GUY when he was facing divorce.

3. This is fashion! Bestfriends with different fashion sense!

fashion 1
Ashton VS Clay Aiken
Hottie 2
Hotttie Mark
peacock 2
Peacocking Ned!

          Let the visual explains. Being together makes you share years of fashion evolution.

4.  Love the way we eat. Eat all you can!

Love the way we eat I got you Adults

Mom said don’t talk when your mouth is full; but with your best friend it’s impossible not to talk.

5.  That’s weird, and I like it. Sleeping Spock Ned, shocked after seeing Mike transformed into 17 years old again.

Wierd Wierd2Fight Mike and Ned wierd

Friendship is about full acceptance of a person’s being! Even if it’s unexplainable.

6.     Fight for Love. Your bestfriend will defend you when you can’t speak for yourself.

Lawyer Bestfriend

“I am your lawyer Bestfriend”

Gift of friendship

  It’s our truest friend who will help us, when we have given-up everything.  Gift of Friendship, seeing each other’s happy ending.

7.    How guys break-up to make-up.

Mike and Ned grad pic
Ruined my date.
Slap me.
Sorry Hug
Sorry Hug.

“I hate you, but I’ll be with you. Love conflicts, makes the relationship stronger.”

8. It ends with “I’m here with you!” Ned found love, Mike had his family  back.

Yes! It's a date! He has a date! Hot date!

When we see our love ones successful and happy, it proves that we live a valuable life helping others..

Mike's Happy Ending


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