“One More Bite”


I was planning to watch a movie at SM Dasmarinas; the movie list were Hotel Trasylvania 2, Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials, and the other two didn’t stay enough in my memory, so I opted to have a “food talk.”

This is a term I invented, inspired by I don’t know, but it’s basically just me talking to myself how delicious the food are. Eating is and always an adventure. This is what “Food Talk” is all about. Nothing matters but the taste, and the how full my stomach after eating.

The moment, of counting the days to come back again and have a different-something-new culinary experience.

As I was walking around from first floor up to the third floor. I couldn’t find anything that entices me, everything seems “I have stated it already.” I don’t want to be an emotional eater, who goes around with familiar food.

Then the Chronicles of new chicken love begun.

The Chicken that start to fly high in the Fast Food Industry.
The Chicken that starts to fly high in the Fast Food Industry.
The humble story of a chick’s journey.


Our family was watching, HITMAN: Agent 47. My younger brother, went out and when he returned, he had this chicken nuggets with chips. He ordered that snack twice already. When the third time came, I was convinced.

When I asked, “what is it?” He just showed me the label, then I remember the several times our family dined in the fast food. But it’s the familiar different-something-new culinary experience; made want to ask one more bite. But he bought it, and I’m older, it’s not good asking too much from a younger sibling.

At that point, I know I have to find that Chicken pops mixed with chips! Very soon!

“Anong manok yun?”

Several weeks passed, I forgot…

When I went out to watch a Ex with Benefits on my own. I’m so determined, to find that chicken nuggets. The brand didn’t registered. All I can remember is that, the chicken bites and chips were in a cup.

Good thing is that, the restaurant has a poster of their available snacks. When I saw it, I studied it, if it was the same snack my brother and I liked. We were in a movie house during that time, it was too dark to see clearly. I have a  blurred vision. I asked myself “Ito na ba yung manok na hinahanap ko?” It looks the same, will it taste better? Manang’s Chicken taste test.

Then I ordered Chicken Cheese burger and chicken pops. I was excited to taste it, took pictures of it. I was so eager to record how it taste, but unfortunately as the film started I took the first bite of the cheese burger chicken, I didn’t stop. You get the picture.

Ang Bagong Chicken ng mg a Pinoy! Isang kagat, busog kaagad!
Ang Bagong Chicken ng mga Pinoy! Isang kagat, busog kaagad! First Visit while watching movie.
The too many treats in one bag.
The too many treats in one bag. This is the second time I visited, take home treats.


“Repetition of Food-High”

Today, I wanted to savor the taste. They didn’t let me down. Truly Manang’s Chicken definitely delivers beyond poster. I was planning to eat inside their store, but I was thinking of sharing it with my Dad. I think it’s a natural reaction, to instantly share a food that we like so much, with the people we love the most. When I went home, the word I can describe to what happened next is “ATTACK!”

Let’ the picture speak for itself.

I'm already home, but theirs enough for a second meal.
I’m already home, but theirs enough for a second meal.

The Burger was heavy and filled with coselaw. I had first two bites, then I have to rest a bit for my third bite. I think it’s the potato chips, that made me full instantly. What I can say, the crispiness and not too salty makes it addictively delicious. Plus, it’s good for the health compared to salty French Fries (But I love French too)! The cheese and garlic mayo dip, adds to the irresistable taste to the potato chips. My Dad liked it too. But the burger, was all mine.

The chicken patty was made with real chicken meat. It didn’t have any extenders, there this authentic feel of chicken meat texture as I bite it. I highly suggest for you to try, to understand what I mean. I gave-up after four big bites, still I was half way through my Ultimate Sandwich Burger.

I guess, I can save for tomorrow’s breakfast. I’m pretty sure, I’m so full for the entire night, even though I had that snack around 5:45PM. I’m skipping mid-night snack, and maybe 3:00AM cravings.

It’s worth the price! The Ultimate Sandwich burger is equivalent, to my two meals and one merienda. A budget saver sandwich, for a food adventurer like me. Best partnered with Fruit Shake.

My next target Chicken Noodles soup and Ice Cream.

Manang’s Chicken is a brand name which derived from Manang (Illongo term for Older Sister) and Chicken an English word for domestic fowl kept for egg laying and meat.

Direct Translation: Older Sister’s Chicken

“Pahingi” is a Filipino term for ” Can I Have.”

Example: Pahingi naman ng Manang’s Chicken?; translation: Can I have a piece of Manang’s Chicken?

Manang's Chicken, truly delivers the satisfaction they promised.
Manang’s Chicken, truly delivers the satisfaction they promised.

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