One of Fight Club‘s most memorable quote between Brad Pitt and Edward Norton  “The things we own end-up, owning us!” Certainly true! My simple need of knowing time, owned for more than twenty years.

Casio special gift. A secret package: Cat in a box!
Casio special gift. A secret package: Cat in a box!

As a consumer, I make sure that I have the best. I take time to save, study, determine the right reason to fulfill a need or want, and  wait for the right time to purchase an item. Theirs a good side and bad side of it, for an independent person like me, I use time to my advantage.

Positive: Years of waiting, for an item that you really like, regardless of upgrade. This attitude will prevent you, to become a slave to any trend. Develop a strong-willed commitment to attain your goal.

Negative: Knowing exactly when to buy, is an agony. It takes a lot of effort knowing what you really need in balance of what you want. A deprive feeling I’m controlling, when you see everyone owning something you wanted for years. This visual enticement, always tested myself-control and patience.

Personal Experience:

My Father patronize Casio digital classic watch. That’s when my want was developed. Our time being apart, struggling to make end, is always challenge by insufficient time. We never had enough time to do things we want, searching, and waiting for the perfect time never happened.

Casio was a constant reminder to him and our family, how near the future is; and he needs to prepare us when that happens. Years passed, Casio upgraded its product from classic to digital, baby-g to G-Shock and now Casio Sheen. For almost, twenty years, I never owned a Casio. When I started earning, it was deprioritize. I was busily consuming my time for the future, and save for my scholarship.

Casion Baby-G Girls' Generation watch collection.
Casio Baby-G Girls’ Generation watch collection. Casio always in perfect timing!

My Glorious moment: My loving father offered a watch at SM Mall of Asia. It is more expensive than any Casio, I dream to have. I declined, I know it was not the watch for me, but I like it so much. It will make any other watch I kept look like a trash. It was too Beautiful for me to have.

One More Chance: It felt like the devil is really testing my discernment of right and wrong. Our family visited Japan, I went into one of the Casio store in Angel Blue Mall. I choose something that best represent me, but when I was about to inquire about it, all of the sudden that watch went out of stock. The only watch being offered, was way to expensive for me. The devil tease got my head spinning “Is now, the right time? When its’ offered for free? Even if I don’t deserve it.” I can never afford it, it will take three to four years regular saving plan to own one (because its’ not my priority, but I like to so much!).  My brother, older sister and me, were playing the budget game during that time. I just know it was not for me,  conflicted with the feeling of letting go serendipity again?! The watch was too EXPENSIVE for me to own.

The Third-Right time:  Then I reached to the point, that I have to decide, and make the opportunity happen. I insisted the right time, but the purchasing decision came from my father. This time, both of us made a decision together. We found it, in SM New City Dasmarinas, Philippines Time Depot, a 20-30minutes ride away from our home.

It was not the watch, I was looking for. I opted for a bulky design, to big for my wrist. The BRIGHT RED color, always attracts me. He knew exactly, what I need in balance of what I want. A designed close to his preference, with features that are necessary for my active life, and ready to wear to anytime, anywhere. The BEST part it didn’t cost much. It was the watch DESTINED for me. Twenty years wait is worth it!

Baby-G shock (BGA-151GG-1B) Classic Gold and Black Digital Watch, that fits anyone, ready for action any time and where.
Baby-G shock (BGA-151GG-1B) Classic Gold and Black Digital Watch: For ladies ready for adventure, any time, and anywhere!

Useful Features- Shock resistant, Water Resistant Digital Clock, Alarm, World Time, Countdown timer, Stop watch, digital Calendar, Illuminator and the traditional Analog clock all  in light weight.

With this story, consumers are reminded of their purchasing power; the discernment of enough and too much;  balance timing; and power of right suggestion.

A father knows their daughter so well, as mother knows best; to guide us in making the right decision in life.

Plus, the Father and daughter tandem; makes SHOPPING TIME for the BEST WATCH, an unpredictable adventure experience for more than twenty years.

P.S. The need of owning an items, can direct you to sentimental personal reasons of a market group. This is what Creators and Marketing strategist are trying to know.

Tiffany Hwuang is the cute face endorsing Baby-G. She’s a member of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) a South Korean girl group!


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