“Greeks in all of us”

In our wildest imagination we relate to mythologies as a part of our literature. Greeks mirrored their concept of society in their myths. Homer present our family and social issues, through imagined super beings. It make us see the extremities of our own actions, through achievement, tragedies and mistakes of the Greek heroes. The world of Olympus, believe in patriarchal system.  It became basis of all human conflicts and relationship struggles.

Athena’s birth, is the first inclination of women fighting against oppression, and male domination. It challenges the men’s governance, by being in women’s position. Her unexpected existences, brought conflicting consequence and damage control. Zeus, is bombarded with the question to control, someone who is like him. Dealing with a daughter, who they love but challenges their traditional governance. Their struggles brought to life “Feminism Mentality.” A daughter eager to be acknowledge by his father. She defied death, confronting his father head strong. Women’s participation in the world of men; accepting of men’s infidelity; and tolerance handling of a complex family.

Zeus and Athena had mutual partnership and occasional friction between them. It is inherent to all father-daughters. Handling females with tolerance, appreciation and fatherly love. Allowing men to experience motherhood with lesser physical attachment, controlled force, and developing their emotional side; by caring for some who they can wholeheartedly relate too. Their strong connection together can  overcome any difficulties; fighting war side by side, knowing that each decision, and risk will be handled in great caution and equilibrium. Their greatest attributes: bravery, wisdom, and power complements each other, and makes the realm of the gods in harmony.

Sisterly companionship, also magnifies female’s gentle trait. The sibling partnership between Athena and Hercules, prove the advantage of feminine leadership. Women guiding strong man to make right decisions, and preventing them from their own self-destruction. Undeniably, Athena manifested her true wisdom by adjusting to need of his father and brother. She is her father’s (Zeus) alter-ego keeping their realm organize. She has been the invisible guide to his half-brother Hercules. Consistently protecting and aiding him to have a fair chance against other gods.

Conflict is inevitable with people having same strength and weaknesses. Zeus was blessed and cursed having two children reflecting two minorities; first, Athena for females; second, Hercules for marginalized people (demi-gods). The parental relation works, due to the strong submissive position of a daughter (Athena);  loyally enduring hardship for his father’s love. While, the son (Hercules) perseveringly love his father proving his self-worth. In this complex family set-up, opposition is inevitable. Each of their actions affects the fate of all living creatures.

Zeus, Athena and Hercules is a good representation of a triangle relationship. Stable and strong, each side equally strong to support each other. The trinity of authority with wisdom and strength, makes any institution united and invincible. The governing power is strategic in making judgment, and facilitating resolutions. Women’s wisdom is the balancing force in manifesting sovereignty over their subjects.

Sophocles, Aeschylus and Euripides told stories of the gods to mold the Greek culture. Enlightening the society to make wise decision with their relationships; as it affects major aspect of their lives. The three great tragedy writers, gave humans the opportunity to know themselves, through the gods they worshipped. Stories became mythologies worth remembering, re-telling and commemorating; for us to be encourage, learn, warn and inspire in our own journey called life.


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