“Dare to Dream?”

When dreams fail, do we concede or believe?

We are all born with strong determination to go after our dreams, no matter what happens. In the early years of our lives, we pursue it relentlessly. Then, when reality shatters our innocence; most of us will forget. Others will choose a convenient dream to accomplish, and few will hopefully continue. The realization of “This will not work out the way I planned it” lead us to defeat. The feeling of self-doubt make us accept mediocrity; and the weakening passion, unexplainably consumed us from inside-out. The half-way feelings of “Will I continue this or not,” leave us stranded. Until we decide to give-up, take a detour of endless pursuit without guarantee.

Practical decision is one major hindrance; but how can we explain it to a toddler so eager to be like Superman? Or a penniless artist who endures hunger to save-up for his lesson? Determination rules over practical needs. Discouraging people are one of the major challenges, in chasing our dreams. The innocent child and passionate artist share a common feeling; perseverance even if being opposed. Enduring emotional and physical hardship to succeed. It’s like controlling excitement. Allowing wishful thinking to take control over the situation. It motivates you to challenge the impossible. Until we reach our own limit. The tragedy of realizing our own weakness; and the beauty of transforming it to our strengths.

People experience defeat, soul searching and the great fall; as we live our life time. When everything we know about the world, ourselves, our dreams and ambition crumble down, because of our miscalculations. This make us realize and accept our own evaluation. This is the time we try to change, to improve what is wrong, asses the given situation, and recount every single step we took. Lessons of the past made us cautious and wise. Every hurdle we face now, becomes a serious issue. Our self-discovery lead to prevention. Now, being experienced enhance our sensibility. It’s a good sign that we matured, but it also serve as a warning that the future obstacles will be more difficult than the last one we encountered.

Tantalizing emotions is a mixture of being positive, knowing it’s just almost within reach; but unable to attain it. Testing our endurance to control and wait; for God’s time where everything falls into places. Our sincere wish or dream is fulfilled, for the his purpose.


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