“Cathartic experience after Wind Struck”

Everyone has a favorite movie that we feel very much attached too. It will start with curiosity, which film you want to watch. Then, the first 10-20 minutes of the movie will determine if your expectation is met, but off-course we don’t know this process is already going on. We are so entertained that we end-up being owned by what we bought to entertain us. By the time we realize it, we already talked about the movie after we’ve seen, after we bought the DVDs, shared to our friends, and still fell in love with it after we seen it over, and over and over and over again. The magic of attachment still remains, it still makes us cry, laugh, frightful, memorize the lines, researched about the characters or crew, and hoping that the “catharsis” impact we felt will be experience again. We enjoy it, but have we asked ourselves… why are we so attached to it? What makes us endured or give 2hrs of our precious time on a fictional story?

When we watch a movie, it’s like seeing through somebody’s life. Watching their every move, their struggles and challenges. We are so entertained to see someone like us, who goes through the same emotional rollercoaster and life obstacles. We see the protagonist with the elements that we also have or like; we see situations that we once or wish to experience; and encountered people like the characters we see in the movie. We hear the songs that also played an important part in our lives. We are so entertained to see “OURSELVES” in the big screen. Breaking the barriers of self-awareness, and uncontrollably submit to the reflection of who we are, according to how society see us. Unconsciously, we have the opportunity to empathize with ourselves.

The intriguing part is, that our feelings instantly relates with the character without us knowing. The connection of underlying reason isn’t revealed, until we have patronized the film, to whatever extent we are satisfied. Early unknown and known too late. The strong evidence of it is, we have spent most our fortune re-living and preserving that unforgettable attachment. Maybe when we see ourselves, we are curious to witness our own reactions and quirkiness towards situations we can’t face in real life. We are entertained to see the hero in the movie, which we associate with ourselves, overcome the trials we can’t solve, endure the hardship we fear to conquer, and resolve the weakness we also have. Watching the better fictional version of us, accomplishing things what we should have been doing.

Purging of emotional baggage makes us watch movies all over again. The movies that we like, allows us to wallow-out the feelings we can’t handle. These are experiences which our logic mind refuse to accept or more often suppress. These are the emotions which emerge out once we associate with the character’s journey. It gives us the feeling that somehow, the people who made this film underwent the same experience as we have. It happens so instantly that we get to excited to reach-out; first to the film, then to the characters or actors, and after that to the people behind the entire creation team. The connection is very much felt, that it sends us to our own journey of connecting to the real people behind the fiction that we admire the most. The amazing thing about this, is that along the way we will meet people who somehow got affected with the same gratifying and contagious feeling.

In conclusion watching film is an experience of connecting emotions and shared feelings. It is the precious two hours of our lives, where our brain and heart are unified. An overwhelming process, we are so unaware of but it’s the feeling we can’t forget and always comeback too. The “take a way” souvenir feeling of meeting someone who inspires you, made you feel not alone, and will encourage you to live because a portion of your life is a beautiful movie worth to be watched.


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