“Eating: An art appreciation”

“The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” by Anonymous

Food is always been man’s most favorite pleasurable want that satisfy our different needs. Its has been a big part of our nourishment, a mechanism to suppress emotions, to defocus our attention, to make us crave, and to make us reminisce. It’s a very powerful commodity that influences a person. It’s the creative out-put of the cook or chef. The combination of ingredients excites our senses. Cooking is an art; encapsulating aroma, visual, texture and taste. Satisfying our basic need to be alive with every bite. Most importantly, it makes us remember a specific food according to the unique eating experience. Leaving a strong impact that dents our memory. A very good way to gather people, irresistibly impossible not to share with our love ones.

Have you felt missing your mother’s home cook meal? The countless options of ready to eat viands, make your longing worst. Eating becomes meaningless, your feeling full but incomplete. The food looked, smelled and tasted same, but something is not present. We will always come back to the first experience of tasting our favorite delicacy, in our home with our family. Savoring food is like experiencing a natural high. The food aroma lures our sense of smell to follow. Once we found it the visual increases out attraction. Then, the taste will make you feel the texture. Next, sizzling sounds of breaking into pieces intensify the need to immediately chew. Finally, the process of digestion releases food juices, absorbs by your system. The chemical reaction makes you stop and enjoy the moment. Overwhelmed by the delightful feeling, sharing the happiness you felt, when we took the first bite.

Food is an art. Cooks and Chefs are an artist, making the best out of the existing ingredients with limited resources. Have you observed the difference between Cooks in fast food and Chefs in fine-dinning? The method of preparing varies, the process of cooking differs, the manner of presenting is not similar, and the dinning experience magnifies the importance of quality over quantity.

The fast food industry fulfills the urgency of appetite. Serving readily made meals for customers on the run. Each meals were cooked in mass production, and making the process and components calculated. While keeping the food assembly simple and neat. It gives the public the general taste of instant meals, that they can access anytime they crave for it. The convenience of rapid consumption, is being prioritize rather than cherishing food in-take. It aims to sufficed the physical hunger. It doesn’t trigger any complementary action from the people. The companion of our friends somehow makes the ordinary common taste memorable.

Culinary arts and home cook meals, strike us in a different way. It makes us connected with the people. It evokes emotion and lingers in our memory. The internal transformation is difficult to explain. The only way to make people understand, is to share the experience by giving them, the taste of what you had. The ability to ignite positive reaction using food, is the magic that separates passionate cooking from the others.

The chef and devoted cooks produce gastronomic cuisine, out of ordinary ingredients; tediously executing  a complex procedure: Preparation assess the existing variables, and the amount of improvisation needed, before the actual cooking. Controlling heat affects the act of cooking, simmering flavors as one, and determines the outcome.  Their mental, physical, and emotional hard-work encompass into their creation. An offering to people waiting to be enthralled.

Dessert is a confectionary ending to a memorable dinning. The sweet taste gives a happy feeling, and toning-down the full meals into tiny bites. Summarizing the efforts of the artist to satisfy the hunger felt by the stomach, heart and soul.

Japanese Cusine makes food look appetizing. They have food artisan. Oishi Ramen! good thing Philippines can enjoy and afford eating ramen.



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