Stop Opening the Pandora’s Box!

It’s a term that my parents and I coined during one of our everyday breakfast conversation. I think it started with stop digging for old bones, or bury the hatchet. I don’t know what came into me, but it made me feel that spilling out secrets or our old life in our conversations, is like opening Pandora’s Box. Where all our secrets, forgotten feelings, stored emotions comes back flashing back to makes us remember the specific experience again; in short re-living a distant memory that once happened or we want to forget.

But first I would like to recall, my memory in which I learned about Pandora, her curiosity that lead to unleashing all the bad things into the world, until all that remained was hope.

I was in high school, fourth year, my love for literature just started; and the world of Greek and Roman mythology got my attention to the point of letting my imagination run wild, and left zoned-out of the present. I remember it was Dad you bought the book, and shared that he also had the same book when he was in college. One of the many things that connects me with my father. So there I was, very much engaged in a world of the god’s who are far different from my almighty God. The way the Romans and Greek God, power trip their people got my attention. And Pandora box was one of the reason why we live a tragic life.

I can relate to Pandora, curiosity is also one of my innate characteristics and like Pandora ends-up doing more damaged than good. I find joy knowing my parent’s story, how they started, who they were before they met each other, and how they come together and started a family. It’s an inspiring story that made me believe everything is possible through hard work. But every time each story was told, I can notice that as each information is revealed, my father or mother will react in a way that will aggravate the latter. The feeling of knowing them better as a person, makes me see the other side of their personality; as friend, as dreamer, as challenged person, a person who fought, and a courageous couple doing their best to correct a mistake. I had the opportunity to know them, a part from being a parent, or their perfect image of my father and mother only. I saw them as person and as human beings who also are struggling like me. In short after learning their story, I end-up understanding them a little better and relate to them more. I think that’s beauty of storytelling it connects people.

I opened my own box, I discovered some history that I thought never happened. I felt hurt knowing the people who have hurt my parents, I felt connected to the people who helped them, and honor the people who gave them the opportunity to prove themselves as a worthy employee, and forever grateful to the people who guided them through their journey of early marriage and made them who they are now.

Stop opening the Pandora’s Box is a personal phrase that I share only with my parents. It’s our special connection, that derived from all the funny, challenging argument, conversation or reminiscing moment we shared not as parent-daughter; but as true friends sharing our life history, and revealing our best and worst side as ordinary people doing our best to live a meaningful life.

I hope teenagers, can have the same experience. I hope they have some special connection to their parents, that they can call truly theirs. It make the bond stronger and better; the more we spend time with the people who cared for us the most, the more we understand how we became the person that we are right now. And off course, our parents despite their flaws is our best guide in this tragic world which was made chaotic by Pandora because of her curiosity to open a forbidden box.

I dare every teenager to open their own Pandora’ Box, and discover the one good important thing among all the misfortunes happening in our lives.

God bless!

This picture was taken from google photo search.



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